WBFS Manager

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New release coming soon, WBFS Manager 2.5

A new release is coming very soon with a bunch of new features. I’m just waiting for a few translations to be completed and then I’ll be releasing it.

A few of the new features are:

  • Indirect Drive-To-Drive transferring and cloning.
  • Automatic RAR archive extraction
  • Batch extraction and deletion
  • Exporting list of games on drive to a .CSV

The full feature list will be made available with the release so look out for it in the next 24 hours.

Unfortunately there’s no Channel creation in 2.5, still working on that. Also, while 2.5 does have drive-to-drive transferring, it uses an indirect copying method, which means it uses a temporary folder on your computer for the transfer process. Version 3.0 will use direct transfers instead and include Channel Creation. I’ve been working on these features for a while but they’re not ready yet.


  1. Is there anyway to support custom guitar hero's? Because they have the same game code ?

  2. @Mymm:

    There's an utility to change ID...look at sir google =)

  3. Please tell me more, diddnt found it at all !

  4. 24 hours??? its been more than 24hrs

  5. Very sorry. Translation took a bit longer than expected due to time differences. It's just about ready to go out in the next few hours.

  6. tks and dont sorry about

  7. Game codes for PAL games with 2.5 all report NTSC... tis wrong, should any PAL.