WBFS Manager

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Update: WBFS Manager 2.2.1 Released with delete fix

An in-place update had been done to address the following problems so please redownload and reinstall:
-Fixed the libwbfs delete bug.
-Added functionality to help debug the "crash on startup" situations, namely what tommyv and kruy are facing.
-Added Spanish language support, coutesy of dgtor.


  1. ¡Very good work! It's a extremely good program and with the future aditions it will be absolutely complete. Only some remarks:
    -¿Could be posible put a frame to see the covers instead of a floating one?
    -¿What exactly does the "Make HBC Entry" option? I tried to use it and I get the error "Error creating HBC entry, missing the .dol file.". I know that this feature is not completely tested.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Efren,
    thanks for the comments. I'll probably be redesigning the interface for the next version so I'll probably do what you said.
    The Make HBC entry should create a HBC file with boot.dol and icon.png so that you can launch a game from the Homebrew Channel. There was a mistake in the installer when you downloaded it (I fixed it now), please check my newest blog post.

  3. Hi - I had lots of games on my HDD. Now the list has reduced in size on the USB boot loader, and through WBFS, although the disk space usage is still correct. How can I get the games to re-list? Can the list be re-built on the drive at all please?